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 A Tradition of Excellence  
Renewal – Permanent Improvement Levy – November 2016 – No New Taxes

In 1987, the crestwood Local School District residents approved a 3.5-    mill permanent improvement levy. Proceeds from this levy can be used to purchase or repair those items in the school district that have a long term useful life.  Typically a five (5) year useful life or more is utilized when determining the use of these funds.  The money from a permanent improvement levy can be used to purchase school busses, school building equipment such as boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters, water fountains, light fixtures, technology, athletic equipment and band equipment, etc.  It can be used to replace or repair school roofs, cracked sidewalks, windows, as well as for the purchase of new textbooks, desks and instructional equipment.                       

Quality Profile

Dear Crestwood Community,

I am sure you are aware that the state report cards were released. A preliminary glimpse shows that as suspected and anticipated that scores were mixed to mostly lower across the state.  This is true of Crestwood. Although this is a measure of some academic proficiency of our students that take a test on one given day, these scores will never tell the entire story of our district.  In my tenure as the Superintendent of Crestwood, the State Legislature has decided to change the tests three times and has yet to stick with a plan.  This undoubtedly has an effect on testing outcomes.  It was also the first time our entire student body completed the state tests online via of a computer. But we will not make excuses for these scores.  We know we can do better. The administration and teaching staff are working diligently to make sure all of our students achieve and have put in place various interventions that will assist the students that are struggling academically.  At the same time, we feel we have many challenging courses for our academically talented students.

August Employees of the Month

Congratulations to Crestwood School’s employees Sam Russell and Ashley Lowe for being chosen “Employee of the Month” by the district administrative team.  They were recognized at the September Board Meeting for their dedication and commitment to Crestwood Schools by their administrators.



 Board President, David Becker and Sam Russell 




 Primary School Principal, Cindy Ducca and  Ashley Lowe



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