Food Service

Jennifer Bujak-Hirsch, SNS
Food Service Director
Food Service Department Information:
The Crestwood Food Service Department is responsible for serving lunch everyday.  We follow federal guidelines as to what we serve on our Type-A traditional lunch tray.   Each Manager is responsible for daily lunch tabulations, lunch receipt deposits, cooking and serving students in a timely manner.  The food service department is also responsible for submitting monthly reports to the Ohio Department of Education.  Through these reports Crestwood Local School District receives partial reimbursement for each and every student lunch that is served. 

Our department also processes free and reduced lunch applications, monthly food inventories, lunch menus, commodity deliveries and monthly submissions as required by the Ohio Department of Education 

Striving to meet the nutritional needs of every child, everyday!

The Portage County Health Department inspects each kitchen twice a year.   Current health inspections and food licenses are posted in the Managers offices.  Our Food Service Team strives daily to make sure our students are served in a sanitary and safe manner.

All food service staff are under the supervision of the Food Service Department Director. The food service team consists of four Managers, four cooks and six cashiers.   The Cafeteria Managers are: 
Primary- Susie Janson
Intermediate- Donna Lewis
Middle- Sue Kruis
High- Barb Blazek

Health and Nutrition: 
Crestwood schools are part of the Healthy Schools Network Program Team as well as a member of Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  

Food Safety:
All members of the food service team are certified as Person-in-Charge/Serving Safe food, CPR, 1st Aid & AED. 
The following are also certified in the National ServSafe Program:  Bridget Auble, Barb Blazek, Jennifer Bujak-Hirsch, Susie Janson, Sue Kruis, Donna Lewis & Jane Petro. 

Food Service Awards: 
2008-2009 Stellar Award-
Crestwood Local School District has been recognized as a 2008-2009 Stellar Award district of Honorable Mention. 
2009-2010 Stellar Award-Crestwood Local School District has been recognized as a 2009-2010 Stellar Award district Winner! This award demonstrates that the food service program is making strides in providing students with healthy choices in a pleasant eating environment.
2010-2011- Crestwood Local School District has been recognized as a 2011 Stellar Award district of Honorable Mention.  

Director Biographical Information:
Jennifer is a proud 1995 Crestwood Alumni.    Jennifer graduated from Kent State University in 1999 with a BA in Criminal Justice & Psychology.  She received an MBA in 2004.  In April of 2011 Jennifer became certified as a School Nutrition Specialist (SNS).  She is one of only 1100 nationwide with this credential. 

Jennifer has worked in Food Service Management for Sea World Ohio, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure and the Akron Zoological Park.

Jennifer is a member of the National School Nutrition Association and the Ohio Nutrition Council.    

Jennifer lives with her husband Brian, a Registered Sanitarian employed by Giant Eagle as a Corporate Food Safety Specialist.  Jennifer is a proud mom to her son Preston and her twins Mason & Makenna!!  Jennifer also lives with her golden retriever Liberty.  Jennifer is an active member of St. Joseph's Parish where she chairs the Parish Family Life Committee and the Ox Roast Fair Committee.  Jennifer is also active in her community and is very proud to call Shalersville home!  In her spare time Jennifer loves to travel, participate in 5K's and be the best mom possible!!    

"I love working for Crestwood Schools.  As Director of Nutrtion Services, I aim to provide healthy, quality food served in a pleasant eating environment and at a reasonable cost."

Any questions, comments or suggestions please contact Jennifer at 330-357-8206 ext. 5004 or


"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art"
~La Rochefoucauld