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Welcome To The CHS Science Department

 Here at Crestwood High School all students are required to take 3 years of science.  Students must earn a credit in one physical science and one biological science.  The third credit is open and students may choose from a wide variety of courses across many disciplines.  In addition to the staples of most science programs, CHS offers two A.P. courses in Biology and Physics.  Also available are two more upper level sciences to challenge students.  A motivated student could take as many as 7 science courses in their four years at the high school.  A detailed description of these courses can be found in the Course Selection Guide.

The staff of the Science Department comes from many different disciplines as well.  We currently have 6 full time members with a combined 55 years experience teaching.  Three of those members hold Master’s degrees, while a fourth is currently pursuing theirs.  In addition to their teaching credentials, all of the members hold degrees in the fields of science which they teach.  In addition to this, the majority have held careers in science prior to becoming educators.  The science department as a whole brings this real world perspective to their courses and opportunities that they offer the students of Crestwood High.  We boast a state qualifying Science Olympiad program, state recognized accomplishments in summer STEM academies, and national awards totaling close to 70,000 dollars in grant money.  The Science Department strives to show every student that they can be successful in science both in and out of the classroom.  

Course Descriptions

1111 Physical Science            1 year                      Grade 9                                   1 credit
This class will provide students with basic knowledge and background in the physical sciences.  Topics will include matter, chemical reactions, energy, waves, motion, and Newton's laws.  Students will be made aware of their place in the physical world and the interactions that exist between humans and their environment as well as science and technology in society.
(This course fulfills a physical science requirement).  Fee:  $15.00
1110 Honors Physical Science   1 year                 Grade 9                                  1 credit This is a more rigorous course designed for students who want to pursue a science-related career. Students will take an in-depth look at a variety of topics such as matter, chemical reactions, motion energy and waves. Students will use critical thinking and reasoning skills to apply the basic concepts of physics and chemistry to real world problems. Prerequisite: Algebra I (This course fulfills a physical science requirement.)      Fee: $15.00.
1121   Fundamentals of Biology    1 year                Grades 10, 11                        1 credit
Students in this course use a basic, hands-on approach to high school biology. Classroom lessons are a mixture of lectures and labs. Topics will include cells, chemistry of life, genetics, plants, animals and ecology. The interactions between people and their environment will be emphasized along with an ongoing attempt to connect the material to current events in our world. (This course or Biology must be taken to fulfill the biological science requirement.) Fee: $15.00.
1113 Human Biology     1 year                                Grade 11, 12                         1 credit
This course is designed to be a basic science course in which students will gain a practical understanding of the human body and its functions.    Students will learn about the different systems of the human body and how the systems work together. The course will also include human disease, current health issues, and new developments in the field of medicine. Elective. Fee: $15     (prerequisite passing score in Fundamentals of Biology, or Biology)
1112   Biology                           1 year                     Grades 9*, 10                          1 credit
This first year biology class offers an exciting look at life. Classroom lessons are a mixture of lectures and labs (experiments, microscope work and dissection). Topics studied include the cell, biochemistry, genetics, organic evolution as well as the diversity and classification of plants, animals and the other organisms. (This course or Fundamentals of Biology must be taken to fulfill the biological science requirement.)Fee $15.00.*(Grade 9 with A in science, math, English)

1133   Environmental Science     1 year                  Grades 10, 11, 12                  1 credit
This course is designed to study environmental issues from the local, regional, national and international perspectives. Students will work independently and in groups to study current issues such as global warming. Field experiences will be used, along with journals, discussions, and various problem-solving approaches. Part I will include labs and projects dealing with the principles of Ecology. Part II will discuss people and the environment. Prerequisite: Biology or Fundamentals of Biology. Elective. Fee: $15.00.
SCIENCE (continued)
1123   Chemistry I                     I year                        Grades 10, 11, 12                  1 credit
Chemistry is the study of matter. Through the use of laboratory experiments and mathematics, the students will investigate topics such as atomic structure, quantum theory, heat flow, and the properties, behavior, and bonding of elements, compounds, gases, liquids, and solids. Metrics and dimensional analysis will be stressed in solving problems involving unit conversion, formula weight, moles, % composition, and stoichiometry. Emphasis is placed on developing reasoning skills and powers of observation. Prerequisites: Biology, Algebra I (C or higher). (This course fulfills a physical science requirement.) Fee: $20.00.
1131   Physics I                         1 year                      Grades 10, 11, 12                  1 credit
The goal of this course is for students to gain a fundamental understanding of the principles which govern our interactions with nature.  Students will develop this understanding through hands-on investigation, classroom discussion, and mathematical exercises which challenge the student to use conceptual reasoning and critical thinking in applying the principles of physics to common situations.  Topics of study include: forces, motion, momentum, energy, waves and energy transfer, sound, optics, and electricity and magnetism.  Prerequisite: B average or better in Algebra I and/or Geometry and C average or better in Biology and/or Chemistry I.  Fee: $15.00.   * Recommendation from math teacher required for sophomore enrollment
1134   Human Anatomy/Physiology   1 year            Grades 11, 12                        1 credit
This course is designed for those students considering careers in science, biology, medicine, or any health-related field (physical therapy, nursing, sports medicine, etc.). However, it would also be appropriate for any college-bound junior or senior interested in thoroughly preparing for the future. Topics covered include biochemistry, endocrinology, cells, molecular genetics (DNA), human anatomy and human physiology. The teaching format consists of a mixture of lecture and lab (dissection, microscope work, and experiments). Successful completion of Biology (C or better) and Chemistry I or Physics with a C or better. Fee: $20.00.
1141   Chemistry II                     1 year                       Grades 11, 12                        1 credit
A second year Chemistry class for students interested in complete preparation for college science and for those considering careers in science. The course will include a review of Chemistry and units on organic chemistry, polymers, solutions, equilibria, and bases/acids. Laboratory experiments and mathematics will be used to investigate these topics. Prerequisite: Chemistry I (C or higher) and concurrently enrolled in an advanced math course. Fee: $20.00.

1142 Advanced Chemistry        1 year                      Grade 12                                1 credit
This class will be a project-based class open only to students who have successfully completed Chemistry I and Chemistry II. Possible topics will include chromatography, advanced polymer study, acids/bases, redox, crystals, gas laws, electrochemistry, solution chemistry, and electrophoresis. The emphasis will be a hands-on approach to each topic in which the student will design and perform experiments, gather, and analyze data, and use creativity to solve problems. Fee: $20.00
SCIENCE (continued)
1143 AP Biology                         1 year                      Grades 11, 12                       1 credit The AP Biology course is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester college introductory biology course usually taken by biology majors during their first year. Major themes that will be covered in this course are as follows: science as a process, evolution, energy transfer, continuity and change, relationship of structure to function, regulation, interdependence in nature, and science, technology, and society. Prerequisites are completion of Biology and Chemistry I with a grade of B or better in BOTH. Dual registration in Chemistry I and AP Biology is required for any sophomore wishing to take AP Biology.  Sophomores may only take this class with written recommendations from their Math, Honors Physical Science, and English teachers and a strong "A" in all 3 said courses. Currently the cost for the AP Exam is $86. Fee: $20
1132 AP Physics                        1 year                      Grades 11, 12                       1 credit
AP Physics is designed to be equivalent to a two-semester introductory college physics course taken by science majors, including a laboratory component. This course provides a more in-depth look at the main principles of physics and emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding, problem-solving ability, and critical inquiry.  Main topics covered include: vectors, forces, motion, momentum, waves and energy transfer, light and optics, electricity and magnetism, science and technology and their roles in society.  Prerequisites are completion of Physics I* and Adv. Math or Honors Adv. Math with a grade of B or better in BOTH. *Recommendation from math teacher and meeting with course advisor required for enrollment without Physics I.  Fee: $20.00
1144 AP Environmental Science                1 year             Grades 10, 11, 12      1 credit
APES is a full year course that follows the outline set forth by the College Board. This is an intensive course consisting of lecture, discussion, and detailed lab work. Specific topics include resource use, changes to the planet, population, ecosystem structure, and pollution. Grades will be taken from tests, projects, and lab reports. Students will be expected to complete some assignments outside of the regular class period. The goal of the class is to prepare the students for college level work and to earn college credit by taking the AP exam in May. Prerequisites include: B or better in Biology; and at least currently enrolled in Advanced Math. Fee: $20.00