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School Activities

Last Updated: 2/26/2019 7:05 PM

Student Activities:





Students are given a wide variety of elective activities to participate in after the school day.  These "co-curriculars" are designed to be an additional learning and leadership opportunity for the students.  The following list represents the activities available to students at Crestwood Middle School.  Click on any of the Club Names to get more information.


Power of the Pen

Advisors:   Tammy Anfang and Kim Marfy



Advisors:   Dianna Mattmuller and Kristen Tekavec 


Girls' Choir

Advisor:     Celia Tench


Jazz Band

Advisor:    Debra Wiandt


Talent Show

Advisor:       Ed Judd


Intramural Sports

Advisor:       Various coaches


Spelling Bee

Advisor:       Lydia Kulesza


Math 24

Advisors:     Celia Tench and Jennifer Westbrook