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Pupil Services

Sherry Peters
Director of Pupil Services


Phone: 330-357-8206 EXT 5010
Fax:  330-274-3824

The Office of Pupil Services provides a range of support services that enable students to benefit from the Crestwood Local Schools educational programs.  The Pupil Services staff is a critical part of the students' total school experience.  The student support services include: Special Education Programs, Gifted and Talented Programs, Federal Title 1 Programs, Section 504 Plans, School Psychological Services, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Guidance Counseling, and School Health Services. 

The Office of Pupil Services also includes central registration, open enrollment, homeless, and home instruction.  Please feel free to contact Sue Johnson if you need additional information about registration or home instruction at 330-357-8202, ext. 5009.  If you would like more information on open enrollment, or a homeless situation, please contact Teri Beck at 330-357-8206 ext. 5012.

In addition, any reports of harassment, bullying, intimidation, or threats should be reported to Sherry Peters, the District Compliance Coordinator, located in the Pupil Services Office at Crestwood Primary School.  The address is 11256 Bowen Rd., Mantua, Ohio 44255 and the phone number is 330-357-8206 ext. 5010.  Harassment, bulling, intimidation, or threats of students can also be made online via the Crestwood School District Website Quick Link Stay Safe Speak Up.


The Crestwood Local Schools reported one (8) confirmed incidents bullying/intimidation/harassment in the school district during the second semester of the2021-2022 school year.  All incidents were resolved at the building level.

Crestwood Primary School = 1
Crestwood Intermediate School = 7
Crestwood High School = 0



The Crestwood Local Schools reported the following bullying/harassment confirmed incidents for each building during the 1st Semester of the 2021-2022 school year:

Crestwood Primary School = 0
Crestwood Intermediate School = 0
Crestwood High School = 0


The parties in the Doe v. Ohio Department of Education class action have submitted a proposed settlement to the U.S. District Court for approval.  Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement