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Emergency Levy Renewal

The Crestwood Board of Education voted to place a renewal levy on the ballot for the upcoming November elections.  


Crestwood Schools will be on the ballot on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, for a Tax renewal, 4.27 mills, four years, emergency needs.


Emergency Levy Renewal


•    This levy is not a new Tax – the taxpayer will continue to pay the same amount

•    This levy is a renewal of an existing levy

•    This levy is considered an emergency levy

•    This levy is a fixed sum levy versus a fixed rate levy

o    Fixed sum levy – we are asking the taxpayers for a certain dollar amount each year

o    Fixed rate levy – we are asking the taxpayers for a certain millage each year

•    This levy was originally passed in November 2012, renewed in 2016

•    This levy was for four years

•    This levy was for the dollar amount of 1.4 million dollars per year

•    This levy will continue to generate 1.4 million dollars per year if passed

•    This levy will begin, if renewed, in January 2020

•    See the chart below:


Property Value    Millage Annual Taxes    Half Yr Taxes

$75,000               4.27 $100.88           $50.44

$100,000             4.27 $134.51             $67.25

$125,000             4.27 $168.13             $84.07

$150,000             4.27 $201.76             $100.88

$175,000             4.27 $235.38             $117.69

$200,000             4.27 $269.01             $134.51

$225,000             4.27 $302.64             $151.32

$250,000             4.27 $336.26             $168.13


•    The District is asking for the same dollar amount on this renewal that it asked for initially in 2012 and the same dollar amount in 2016.  Inflation rates per month have averaged between 1% to 2.1% since the inception of this levy; however, the District will be operating on the same tax revenue for 12 years. 

•    This information does not take into account the state revenue the District receives and the possible pending decrease in state revenue.


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