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Superintendent Message/ Video About Next School Year and Ballot Issue

Crestwood Strong


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Graphs pertaining to the ballot issue and video


Line Item Revenue Comparison – This visual compare our tax revenue (on a per-student basis) relative to the other districts from Geauga, Lake, Portage, and Summit counties. We can see that our 1100 (Taxes) revenue, from a dollars and percentage perspective, is considerably less than the four-county average.


5 Year Forecast Days Cash on Hand – This visual really highlights our need for additional support. Driven by our November 5-year forecast, this report shows to what kind of horizon we are heading. Given our current pace of deficit spending, we are staring down a forecast that projects we will be without cash on hand in just 3-4 years.


5 Year Financial Net Annual Impact of Revenues and Expenses – Like the last visual, the reports showcases our need. Each of the coming years, we are going to be outspending our revenues by millions of dollars. We need additional resources to continue operations.


Tax Rates – this analytic compares our gross tax rate to that of the other public school districts from Geauga, Lake, Portage, and Summit counties. We have the 40th lowest gross tax rate in the group (out of 43 districts)


Assessed Valuation per Pupil – Our position/rank relative to the group is driven by our district’s Tax Effort Index (see below). In essence, this report reflects the extent to which our residents pay in supporting the school district (via taxes). This measure does in fact incorporate, to some degree, the taxpayer capacity. By being a “0.84,” the tax effort would indicate that, relative to their ability, our residents pay a lesser share of school district taxes than that of the state average (which would be a 1.00)






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