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Message to CHS Families from Mr. McMahon


Hello, this is Dave McMahon, principal of Crestwood High School, with an important update.


Although instruction will continue, Crestwood High School is now going to initiate our end-of-school-year closing procedures. Please note that this communication is NOT a declaration that the school year is over…! As you can imagine, simple things such as locker clean-outs now require a schedule to assure that social distancing norms remain in place. Please review the following information and plan to come to CHS per the established schedule.


Weeks of April 28 - May 5

There are 3 main goals established for these weeks:

  1. Senior cap and gown distribution (CHS Gymnasium, see the schedule below)

  2. ALL STUDENT locker clean-out (see the schedule below)

  3. If you have been doing your school work in paper packet form, updated packets are available for you to pick up during ANY of the listed locker cleanout times (see schedule below). Your packet will be handed to you at the front doors (you will not be permitted to enter the building unless it is your assigned locker cleanout day/time).


Students should plan to report to the high school to clean out their locker and turn in any unneeded textbooks during the time scheduled below. The schedule is based on the first letter of your LAST name.  


Please note the following:

  • Please wear masks (and gloves if possible) and maintain a 6 foot distance from other people.  

  • Textbooks not needed for the remainder of the school year are to be stacked outside the room of the class teacher. Be sure that your name and class period is on the inside cover of the book. Do not turn in a textbook that you are currently using at home- a final textbook and chromebook collection will be scheduled at the end of the year.

  • Staff members will be on-hand to assist in procedural organization.

  • Restrooms are not to be used during your time in the building. We ask that you retrieve the contents of your locker, deliver your textbook(s) to your teacher’s classroom door, then exit the building.

  • IMPORTANT: If you are unable to come to CHS during your scheduled time, please contact the high school office (330-357-8205, leave a message) to make other arrangements. DO NOT report to the high school during a time other than the one that you have been assigned, as this posted schedule assures that an appropriate number of people are in the building at any given time.


The following schedule is based on the first letter of your LAST name:


12:00 PM

1:00 PM

2:00 PM

3:00 PM

Tuesday, April 28





Wednesday, April 29





Monday, May 4





Tuesday, May 5







As always, continue to do your best; both in your school work and in helping/supporting each other. I recently read a quote by Tim Kight, CEO of Focus3. Tim said, “Talent is a gift. Elite is a choice. The Edge is the point where the elite made the choice.”


Wishing you continued success resulting from all of your choices,


Dave McMahon

Crestwood High School, Principal

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